A few years ago I realized that I was faced with the inevitable progression into an age group where I would eligible to not only order off the Sr. menu at Denny’s…but not even raise an eyebrow when if I did.  This concept gave me pause to think about some of the things that I might have deferred along the way, and to consider maybe doing them now.

My current motto: “You can’t go back in time, but as long as you’re ambulatory, you can keep doing interesting stuff.”

High on the list of “things not done” was that I’d always wanted to see a massive music festival in England.  I can still recall the (then) exotic front cover of a “Monsters of Rock” album that I bought sometime in 1980 (I was 20 and working at the Warehouse Records).  The photos of all those people crowded into a huge field had always stuck with me.  Add to that image the fact that I’d always wanted to backpack in Europe around that age and you have the basis of this quixotic journey to rock & roll myself across the UK.

So, this thinking and research lead me to consider Glastonbury 2010…the 40th anniversary…(almost as old as me) and sort of an English version of Woodstock.  Plus, Springsteen, Neil Young and Blur played last year over three nights and reading about it I really wished I could have gone to see something that diverse.

So, after a lot of thought and a blessing from Julie to go.

I decided that Glastonbury it will be….and this will be the story:


2 responses to “Why?

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  2. Ken

    Interesting pic from CAL JAM 2, I am in that photo.

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