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The catch-all, clean up post for 2012

Been a busy, busy year.  I didn’t get every show reviewed, but I did get a number of the highlights.

In an effort to wipe the slate clean, here’s a list and a word or two about each one.  And, a hope that I can keep up better in 2013!


Kool and the Gang – PCMA – reviewed

Joe Bonamassa – Baked Potato – reviewed


Frank Turner – SLO Brewery – reviewed

Estelle – Anthology – My niece is in her band, so I was there to have fun and relax.

Frank Turner – Slidebar – reviewed

Frank Turner – Fox Pomona – reviewed


Springsteen – IZOD Center – reviewed

Springsteen – Madison Square Garden – reviewed

Springsteen – Sports Arena – reviewed

Springsteen – Sports Arena – reviewed

Coachella – Three days, four posts…and still didn’t cover it all.  Interesting experience…but not sure I’d do it again.  A few good bands stick out in my mind.  The Head and the Heart, Dawes, Pulp, Bon Iver, M83, Madness, Kasabian, Givers.  And others….like Radiohead really didn’t do much for me.  Coupled with the hit-and-miss, the long walks and the heat.  This will stay on my “glad I did it list”, but not my “I want to go again” list.


Jackson Browne – Largo –  Took a good friend to help give him a break and sadly we had to leave early to rush home for an ill family member. What I did see was  personal and moving.  The last song before the set break really sticks in my mind.  A version of Leonard Cohen’s “Thousand Kisses Deep”.  There’s a version on iTunes you can buy (not from this show, but live….I highly recommend it.)


Head and the Heart – Observatory – reviewed

Beach Boys – Irvine Meadows – Took my nephew and just hung out.  They played a generous and overall fun show.  Nothing to review though.

Spyro Gyra/Lee Rittenour – Hyatt Newporter –  Seen both numerous times over the years…always fun and always the highest quality.

Dukes of September – Universal Amphitheater – Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald….what else can I add to that line up.  Great show, great fun.


Howard Jones – Coach House – Doing two of his best albums complete.  Human’s Lib and Dream into Action.  I went on a whim, my sister passed away the day before I just needed some music.  Not in any shape that night to review, but it was a good show.


Weird Al – OC Fair – I was supposed to see another show at the Fair that missed due to my sister.

Delgado Brothers – Brea Street Fair – Good friends, good music, but not really a show to review…just one to enjoy.


Jack’s Show – Irvine Meadows – Joe Walsh, Pat Benatar, Toto, Mc Hammer, Gin Blossoms and Missing Persons.  Pretty cool show with friends.  The only real miss was MC Hammer, late and not a very good show.  Everyone else was fun.  The Gin Blossoms, Toto and Benatar all totally killed it.  Jow Walsh was a little self indulgent, as was Missing Persons.

Frank Turner – HOB Anaheim – reviewed

Estelle – Greek Theatre – Another trip to see my talented niece perform with Estelle….however LA traffic limited us to the last two songs…We didn’t stay to watch Anthony Hamilton headline…


Elvis Costello – Irvine Barkley – reviewed

Head and the Heart – Wiltern – My third time seeing them this year….and of the same quality as the two shows I’d reviewed.

Joe Jackson – Orpheum – Doing mostly Duke Ellington from his new album, it was a very good and crowd pleasing show.


Counting Crows – Grove of Anaheim – Wish I’d reviewed them…a great show, really a surprise how good they were live.  Loved it.

(I was supposed to see Steve Windwood at the Greek and I was so sick that I had to pass…disappointing.)


Graham Parker and the Rumor – Wilbur Theatre – reviewed

Graham Parket and the Rumor/Lindsey Buckingham/Ryan Adams – Roxy – reviewed

Delgado Brothers – Harvelle’s – New Years Eve show tomorrow night!


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My first 2012 review – Kool and the Gang – PCMA Conference Street Party – San Diego, January 10, 2012

A pleasant surprise to start off my year.

I was attending a work conference and on the last night they planned a fun street party for us in the GasLamp District of San Diego.  When we arrived we learned they had a special guest surprise.  A Kool and the Gang concert in the middle of 5th street.  Nice!

This won’t be a long review or go into that much detail…because honestly…Kool and the Gang is really the original “Kool” and a sorta new “gang”.  But, frankly…it didn’t matter.  They are the perfect corporate party band.  A huge catalog of songs that people know performed well.  They aren’t a band made up of names folks know.  So, if the lead singer is 20 years younger than the bass player (Kool)…who cares?

I’d worked with them a couple times a decade ago in support a couple corporate gigs.  Many of the faces had changed since then, but a couple were the same.  so, there is some history still up there.  It’ll be interesting to see how they go over as an opener on the upcoming Van Halen tour (yes, they are opening for Van Halen?…weird, but it might just work…)

They had  a lot more time as a headliner, 90 minutes that they filled with the hits you expected and a few that you’d say…”Oh yeah, they did do that too…”

“Fresh” kicked things off and was soon followed by a solid progression of “Emergency” into “JoAnna” followed by “Too Hot” and then a spot on take of Michael Jackson’s “Shake your Body”.  The lead singer even tossed in a couple MJ spins and moves.  Back deep in the catalog brought out the early hits “Hollywood Swinging” and “Jungle Boogie” with a nice James Brown medley next.

I was moving around the party at this point and missed a few of the song titles, but they finished with a one two punch of “Get Down on It” and the obligatory “Celebrate”.  All ages were dancing at that point.  Which is the exact point of a well chosen corporate band for a gig.  Get the crowd moving, make sure they have some fun and send them home smiling.  Kool and the Gang exactly filled that bill and did a near perfect job of it.

Here’s a clip from the 2011 Glastonbury where they headlined West Holts.


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