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So, not Coldplay after all on Friday night.

Rather a good thing I think overall.  I’m not a Gorillaz fan by any stretch, but I read some really good reviews of their headline slot at the recent Coachella.  Plus, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon are part of the band…yep, I’m  seeing half the Clash play at Glastonbury…darn cool really.

Because I’m trying to make informed decisions on which bands to see, I went and bought the two most recent CD’s last night on the way home.  I found some pretty good gems buried in there…”Feel Good Inc”, “Rhinestone Eyes” and “On Melancholy Hill” have all jumped out at me.

Here’s the first single if anyone wants to check them out.  (with a special guest star or two)

And hey…HALF THE CLASH on stage!

I hope it lives up to it’s potential.


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