Frank Turner – House of Blues Anaheim – September 20

So yeah, I’ve been away a bit.

It’s weird how doing something you love can become a task.  And once you delay that task it begins to loom and becomes a bigger and bigger “thing” that you eventually don’t want to face because it seems like work instead of fun.  Well, I missed a couple reviews and felt like I couldn’t really come back until I caught up.  At the same time I’ve been starting a new business and under a lot of stress to make that work.  So, posting here became both too important to do and at the same time one of those things I could push aside as optional while I was enmeshed in my start up.

But, I saw Frank Tuner tonight and Jody who I know from his website forums mentioned having read some of my blog.  Which hit me with a sense of pride and also a feeling that I just had to get back here, even if it was to dip a toe back in the waters of writing.

Started the evening off by meeting Jody and her mom who drove up from San Diego for the show as well as my friend Elizabeth who had agreed to come and use my extra ticket since Julie was out of town….and I’d talked so often about Frank on Facebook and to her.  We all went to the beer garden and had dinner on their pre show patio.  Wasn’t bad really….not the best food ever, but a cut about bar food at least.  I ended up checking my camera and not hassling with trying to take it in.  But, because of my knees we took a seat upstairs rather than stand all night on the floor.  (One of my least favorite things about this venue is the lack of seats).

The first act Jenny Owen Youngs did a brief and well received set in the sort of standard singer/songwriter vein.  At one point at least she reminded me a little of Amanda Palmer of Desden Dolls (at least vocally).  Nice opener and set a good tone.

Next up was Larry and his Flask.

Totally out of control, in the best ways possible.  Flatt & Scruggs on speed by way of early Oingo Boingo…with maybe a touch of the Hot Club of Cowtown.  I loved them, would go see them again in a heartbeat.  Bonus points for a tuba AND a trombone….Lots of fun.

Here’s a sample:

They were wild, as was the crowd…who knew that kids still had mosh pits?


Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls were up next.  This was the 5th time I’ve seen Frank in just over a year.  So yeah, I guess I like his shows.  This was his biggest headlining show in California so far and his first time headlining a House of Blues.  It was also a very spirited crowd with a lot of singing, dancing, moshing and general mayhem.  I was sort of glad to be seated above it to observe from a distance.

He played a near perfect set, a great mix of his most popular songs with some new songs mixed in and  nice Tom Petty cover near the end.

Here’s the setlist:

If ever I stray

The Road

Peggy Sang the Blues

Long Live the Queen

Glory Hallelujah

Reasons not to be an Idiot

Time Machine (new)

Wessex Boy


Wherefore Art Thou, Gene Simmons (new)

Fastest Way Back Home

I Knew Prufrock Before he was Famous

I am Disappeared

One Foot Before the Other

Four Simple Words (new)

Try this at Home

I Still Believe



American Girl (Tom Petty)

Love, Ire and Song



It was a crowd pleasing solid 90 minutes of fun.

Here’s a video of one of the older songs from the set.  And honestly, who can resist a good TS Eliot reference?

Great evening of music and fun with friends new and old…and isn’t that the whole point of all this?  I just know that I come home from a show like this feeling happier and less stressed from work, startup companies and all the rest of the day to day stuff.  Thanks Frank!


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