Big Week Ahead!

So, things have been a little quiet for a month or so on the concert front, but next week will bring a huge spike in activity.  Three shows.  Barenaked Ladies on Sunday, Return to Forever on Tuesday and Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs on Saturday.

In the intervening time I did go to one show that I didn’t do a full write up about.  A band called “Working Hour” at the Viper Room in Hollywood.  The drummer is the son of one of my best friend’s friend.  They are a nice group of kids from the midwest who came out here (like so many before) to seek their fortune in the music business.

Pretty talented and and they put on a nice show that night.  Here’s a link to their music video so you can check them out.

It was quite a time shift for me just to be up hanging out down the street from the Whiskey and the Roxy.  My friend, his wife and I even walked down to the old Tower Records to pay our respects to what used to be the mecca of our music shopping.  Quite a trip down memory lane.  See you all over the next few days with a lot more to say!



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