RIP Clarence Clemons

Most of my friends know that I’m a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

But, more than just a fan of Bruce I have truly been a fan of the E Street Band.  There’s a magic that’s occured each time I’ve seen them live and sadly yesterday a huge piece of that magic left us.

Clarence was an anchor standing beside Springsteen on stage at every show that I’ve seen (Except the Seeger Sessions tour.)  I went and saw Clarence’s own band sometime back in the early 80’s at the Country Club too.  At each show, even as he was in poorer health the past tour he was still a force and a foil for Bruce…He was the “big man” who rounded out the E Street Band, made their sound complete and helped propel them to the “promised land”.

I have no doubt that Bruce would have been successful with or without the E Street Band, he’s just that good.  But, Bruce wouldn’t have been the same….nor would any of us who grew up watching them and seeing not just the talent…but the passion, friendship and love they had for each other.

Selfishly, I’m sad that I’ll never get to see that happen again and I mourn for his friends and family who I know will feel the loss much deeper than those of us who only knew him from afar as fans of the music.

Last night at the U2 show Bono paid tribute to the “Big Man”, it was very gracious and moving to see:


This is how I will remember him best, the quality isn’t the best, but this is just a few weeks after I’d seen them for the first time and it’s frozen in my mind this way….even if we all got older.

RIP Clarence


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