A bit of breaking news….

Well, the next adventure is on the radar.

Yesterday I bought a ticket for Coachella 2012 – weekend 2

It looks like next year Coachella has expanded into two identical weekends (so they promise…we’ll see).  But after resisting and making lots of different excuses about heat, crowds, traffic, etc…I finally pulled the trigger on going out to the desert for the show.  I found and reserved a cheap room, (so no Glasto like camping this time) instead I’ll get a daily shower and an actual mattress at the end of each day.  Not sure what I’ve let myself in for, but hopefully it’ll live up to the hype.  No word yet on who is playing, so like Glastonbury, it’s a blind buy.  Based on past lineups though, I expect it’ll feature at least a few bands that are on my must see list.

So, now I have to get myself back in shape for three days in the desert.



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