Chromeo pre show

So trying something a little different here tonight. Waiting for a show to start and blogging off my iPhone. Ain’t technology grand?

I’m at the Fox Theatre in Pomona. Never been here before, but I love the place already! This was like the vision that I had with my business partner at the time of what we wanted to do back in the mid 80’s.

A nicely restored Art Deco theatre with room for about 1000 people. It’s clean, it has comfortable seats, about all they need is food service and it would be exactly the vision Joel and I had to open in Riverside about 1983.

I’m about the oldest person here tonight to see Chromeo. I guess that means I’m one of the few people here who heard their “influences” for real when the influences were still new. In other words, mashing up Hall&Oates with the Gap Band and disco is awesome…

But, it’s very familiar sounds to me.

To the kids here it’s all new. Which actually makes it even more fun for me.

It’s a bit like I know a few secrets that they don’t. Plus, it’s fun to get the puzzled looks from the 20 somethings trying to figure out if I’m someones dad or something. It’s good to keep them guessing….:)

Almost show time, a full report later!


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