How do I top last year?

Well, it’s already been a couple weeks and I still haven’t really figured out how I can ever top the amazing year I had last year.

They just announced the Coachella line up….do I finally take a stab at it and go?  The headliners don’t look that interesting, but the rest of the bill has some great bands….hummm, stay tuned on that question.  I snagged a ticket to see Jeff Beck for the first time with Imelda May (who I saw at Glasto and Hop Farm).  Small place and a cheap seat at the back, but it’ll be cool to finally see another legend that I’ve never seen before.  I have to be more cautious after the expense of last year, so I suspect that this year will be more smaller shows  Frankly, those are often better shows to see.  So, we’ll see how it all plays out.  I’ll miss Glasto when it arrives and likely wish I could be back there….maybe someday?

I’ve seen one show so far, however it was a private concert at a trade show I attended in Las Vegas.  Phil Vassar, a country artist.  I have to admit that it was a heck of a show.  In a smallish ballroom at the MGM Grand with just Phil and  piano.  I wasn’t familiar with his music, but he played some hits (I’m told)….Little Red Rodeo, Six-pack Summer and My Next Thirty Years are all songs I recall hearing and listed on his greatest hits CD.  But, more than that…he was a heck of an entertainer.  He played so many covers, I can’t even bring them all to mind.  But, there was an awesome sing-along on his version of the Billy Joel song Piano Man.  He seemed genuinely happy to be on stage and really had a lot of audience interaction.  He even signed CD’s for everyone after.  And it wasn’t the quick “hurry them through” method.  He took time to chat and pose with everyone, asked questions and discussed things like where we were from and really seemed to be having fun.  A terrific experience and a cool guy.  I plan to check out more of his music, simply based on having such a positive experience.

Really buried with work, but it looks like I may see Robert Randolph and the Family Band in Orlando in a few weeks.  I’ll have more more to say about that I’m sure.  In the meantime…here’s some Robert Randolph as a bit of a tease…Hope you all enjoy it!




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4 responses to “How do I top last year?

  1. Laura Stuckey

    Jon, I see The Monkees are touring, sans Nesmith. Have you seen them? I haven’t. They must have learned how to play their instruments somewhere along the line. One Monkees tour I would have loved to see was when they opened for Hendrix… LOL!

    • You know I never did see the Monkees, I saw Mickey Dolenz once at the OC Fair, but never the three who have been touring off and on the way they are again. Might have to check them out… Yeah, the Hendrix tour is legendary….:)

      Who else did you miss over the years that you regret?

      For me the top five off the top of my head would be:
      (Picking realistic era ones given my age and such, I was a bit to young to see the Beatles for example)
      George Harrison
      Led Zep
      Deep Purple
      The Who (with Moon)…saw them lots w/o him.
      Pink Floyd (complete, I saw three of them tour, but never with Waters)

      • Laura Stuckey

        Pre-crash Lynard Skynard, thanks to a jealous boyfriend
        Pink Floyd, thanks to a nasty breakup
        Led Zepplin, talked about it during the farewell tour but never went
        Deep Purple (or maybe I saw them and don’t remember -lol!)
        Steppenwolf (see above…)

        Three Dog Night toured not long ago too. For some reason, I just can’t get the motivation to go see these bands. Probably because I know I’d be going alone and I’ve grown tired of doing that.

  2. Funny story, I actually bought tickets to see “Deep Purple” once at the Swing Auditorium. When I got there it turned out to be a pickup band with Rod Evans, the original lead singer. And, the same band also opened as Steppenwolf!….So, I sort of saw both, but not really.

    Here’s a whole write up about the bogus Deep Purple…pretty odd story, and I was in the crowd for one of their few shows.

    I still consider myself really lucky to have seen the Skynyrd show at Anaheim Stadium right before the plane crash. They were as good as everyone says…great live band.

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