Sunday Glastonbury Photos

Continuing with my personal gallery of images, here’s some shots from Sunday:

Billy Bragg joins in with Paul Heaton in Leftfield

Paul Heaton Performs in Leftfield

View from the elevated rail line looking towards the Dance Village

Ray Davies and full choir at the Pyramid Stage

Here’s a clip from the BBC of Ray Davies…I had this song stuck in my head the whole trip…every time I’d walk through Waterloo Station.  I was really glad he played it…and such a great version!



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2 responses to “Sunday Glastonbury Photos

  1. Scott Moreton

    I must have been a few yards behind you when Paul Heaton and Billy Bragg had their little duet. Pretty darn fine festival was had.
    Interesting blogg by the way

    • That’s awesome Scott!
      I was right next to the pillar with my camera braced against it. I have tons more photos of Paul. Let me know if you like more posted to see?

      And thank you for the kind comments about the blog.
      I appreciate it!

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