Jack Johnson

I’m going a little out of order here, since I’m back in the room early for reasons which I’ll get to later.

Tonight I saw Jack Johnson at the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

Nice venue and I had awesome seats.  The front two rows were blocked, so Row C was the front row off the floor just to stage left.  I only wish I would have enjoyed the show more.  I own a number of his CD’s and generally like his music.


While I’m very sure that he’s a nice guy at heart…Jack makes Jimmy Buffet look like Angus Young.  He makes Gary Cooper look loquacious.

Look up the term laid back, and there’s a photo of Jack. (I think you have it the idea by now).

Now laid back can work…James Taylor would be one example.  even his most laconic songs seem to pack a punch and lyrically hold a message.  But, Jack was just too one dimensional, he introduced a “dance” song and honestly I couldn’t tell it was anything different than the half dozen he’d played before.

Now some of my sour mood be related to the fact that I seem to be sick tonight.  I’d been fighting a cough since Glastonbury.  But, tonight took a turn for the worse and I did something that I rarely ever do (I can count the previous times on one hand), I left early.  I had to give up my great seat a half an hour in to rush to and then hover near the toilets.  After an hour of the show, I just didn’t see it catching fire, so I slipped out and grabbed the Tube back to the hotel…about a 50 minute journey as well.

So, Jack…love you on CD.  But, I just didn’t walk away with a great feeling about your live shows.

Oh, one final insult to the somewhat crummy day.  I sat down at my computer at the desk in my rather shabby room (If you ask, I don’t recommend the Holiday Villa in London). and the leg of the chair broke.  That follows the shower that broke earlier today and was stuck on until a plumber could come fix it.  Glad that I’m changing hotels tomorrow…


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  1. Laurie Stuckey

    Aahh… traveler’s bug, eh? Bummer. I read a brief article about JJ in the new Rolling Stone. Definitely “easy listening” category, but who woulda thunk he’d make Neil Diamond look like Axel Rose? WOW, a bit too easy. Nice post, you had me sighing.

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