Glastonbury – Thursday

So, the second day was better….but still low key.

I awoke in an oven-like tent about 7:00am.  Not much sleeping in possible when you account for my location (and the noise) of being by the path and the heat of the early morning sun.  I hiked off to the nearest “Long-Drop” toilet and it lived exactly down to it’s reputation.  Not going to be very easy to deal with.  Imagine a phone booth where you don’t want to touch anything…and it hovers over an open cesspit….and “welcomes” hundreds of people each hour.  And, believe me these were the better of the options that available anywhere near my tent.

I bought some fresh milk off the milk wagon (we are on a dairy farm after all) and went to my tent to “clean up” for the morning/day.  I sat in the doorway of my tent and relaxed for a hour or so…ate some breakfast out of the food I’d brought and generally tried to acclimate.

I decided to go meet the e-fest folks at the campsite and joined them for what would become a morning tradition of chatting.  They were cooking ribs, chicken, sausage and all manner of BBQ foods for a communal breakfast, but I’d just eaten fruit and cereal at my tent, so I passed.  Everyone was just as nice as they’d been at the cider bus the night before and I began to relax a little.

Still no music to see, but there was the e-fest world cup of football to be held at the Pyramid field.  So, we started out for there en-mass.  It was a pickup game pitting the English against the rest of the world.  Everyone had pledged a donation to water aid and as a group almost 9,000 pounds was raised!

Before the match I saw my first music: Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs.  An acoustic act that mixed comedy and music.  They were quite fun and very entertaining…but, damn it was hot!

The match started and I honestly couldn’t tell you much of what happened.  Think of it as a kegger softball game in the states and you’ll have an idea of the organization and skill on exhibition.  But, it was all in good fun.  Slipped away for a fish and chips lunch…missed most of the halftime act “a cowpunk type act” called Pronghorn joined with a number of other musicians.  I spent a lot of the middle of the game talking with Mike (his dad Roy was playing in the match.)

In the end, the English won…(for the only time that weekend).

Post match there was anther concert by a band called Supernova who did a few songs.  (all of these bands donated their time to help raise funds, so much praise to them).  Sadly, the special guest, Michael Eavis was tied up with Prince Charles and ended up a no show to present the trophy.

Regardless, a good (sweltering) time was had by all.

I wandered the site with Gordon, Tom and Depack….three of my new efest friends.  They showed me the Acoustic area, circus area, Bella’s Field and Avalon.  Heard lots of stories about past festivals.  Discussed politics, drug policies, gay marriage and the price of Ale.  It was exactly the sort of thing that I’d envisioned the festival to be….starting to get the rhythm and feel for the place.

Ended up at West Holts stage with a Brother Cider in hand and Bob Marley blasting through the system as they did line checks….the afternoon began to compensate for the challenges getting in and settled and I finally began to relax.

I popped back to the tent and then joined Tom and Depack to go hear a guy called “Beardyman” (a beatboxer) in the dance area.  He was to be followed by Boy George doing a live set.  Beardyman was talented, but not really my thing, so I split from the guys to sit down for a bit.

Glasto Tip two:

If you separate from your group, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find them again…honestly, that was the last time I saw Depack for the entire festival….

Boy George was running late, very late.  After waiting a half an hour past his start time I finally gave up and walked away from the crowd and under a full moon I made my way slowly back to the tent to turn in early and get ready for the first day of music tomorrow.

Better day….much better day.


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