Greeting FROM Glasto

One of the phone companies has a “chill and charge” area with free computers.  I saw an opening and popped in to do one quick post here.

Been camping since Wednesday, (it’s Friday now).  Been a blur of good and bad.  But, the bad will soon pass and the good has been really cool.

Already seen today:

Magic Numbers, Femi Kuti, Friction Plane, Laura Henwood, Danny & the Champions, Bonobo (best of the day so far), Phoenix, La Roux and Florence and the Machine!

Still to come: Hot Chip and Gorillaz.

More updates and TONS of photos later.




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3 responses to “Greeting FROM Glasto

  1. Henry

    Enough about the music how has that fine English food been? Any spam, bacon, eggs, spam, tomatoes, potatoes and spam for breakfast yet?

  2. Sherrie

    It all sounds so wonderful!! Can’t wait for more!! 🙂

  3. Imagine eating food from the OC Fair for five days…
    Everyone said it would be awesome…but honestly, I didn’t eat much…no spam available sadly…

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