5:48am and I’m wide awake for the last hour.  My taxi arrives at 7:45am, but I just couldn’t sleep.  Silly little last minute details keep popping into my head and needing to be checked off the mental list.  Things have gone great so far, but it’s just in my nature to stress a little before each new thing on a trip like this.

Went to the Rifleman’s Pub last night to meet people from e-Festivals.  Had dinner there as well, they had a “limited” menu…you could get a burger…

That’s it, a burger…not even any chips (fries).  But, they had seven kinds of local cider, so after a couple of those I guess it doesn’t matter as much.  Met a dozen or so people I’ve talked to on the forum.  The general consensus is that I’m going to love it and they all wish they could go back in time and go for a first time once again.  I’ve been told very consistently that it’s not even about the music as much as the “spirit” of the place.  All of them swear that no matter what I say now…I’ll have to return in the future.  Once you’ve gone, you just have to go back.

They all make it sound a sort of Brigadoon, his fantastic village that appears every so often and then disappears back into the mists.  Truly like nothing I can think of in the states except maybe Coachella, Bonaroo or Burning Man…(None of which I’ve attended.)

Well, 6:00am now…

Soon I’m off to see this place firsthand.  Months of planning have lead up to right now!




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4 responses to “Excitement

  1. David

    Heady stuff, stepping off into such a moment……. It’s probably not a stretch to think of this as one of those as it was BEFORE and as it is AFTER sort of things, defining as it probably will be. You lucky dog. 😉

  2. Laurie Stuckey

    Lovin your blogs Jon! Can’t wait for the next one. Wembley would be a dream of mine too. We should organize a posse and go to Coachella and/or Burning Man, they’re both on my bucket list.

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