English Breakfast

Up this morning in time to partake of a full English Breakfast.  A meal basically designed so that you don’t have to eat again for the rest of the day/week/month…

After some yogurt and a croissant (a mere warm up for main event), my tea and toast arrived.  These folks know tea, it’s not just a stereotype…it never tastes as good in the States, even if you bring tea home from here.  The toast, well…it’s toast, isn’t it…not much you can do differently there…

But then your plate arrives…fried egg, huge sausage, thick bacon, two kinds of hash browns and mushrooms in butter.  (There’s a sort of butter theme taking place since I got here to Glastonbury…works for me.).  Anyway, I tore into the food and and ended up stuffed.

I saw this sign and thought it was something that we need in So. Cal…”Traffic calming” sounds so peaceful.

Next, I headed off to walk around the ruins of the Abby.  It’s said that King Arthur is buried here.  The grounds were beautiful and very relaxing.  It was market day in the town, but nothing much that I needed was available.

So, I headed off to Street (a town, not a description of a location by the way).  Street is sort of like the practical cousin of Glastonbury.  None of the hemp shops or fortune tellers…just good sensible shops filled with practical goods for serious people.  I wandered the outlet mall, which is pretty much like any other outlet mall anyplace in the world.  Cut priced clothes and housewares from the multinational brands that we all know and love. (Gap, Dickies, Wedgwood…all the usual suspects.)

Glastonbury is unique and like going back in time.

Street exists as the utility shed out back where you keep the practical stuff you need regularly…but don’t store in the front yard or show off to the neighbors.  Necessary, but nothing to brag about.

One thing I noticed on the bus was how the English tag the word “Luxury’ onto everything.  I guess that somehow improves it?  The charming old couple in front of me on the bus had a brand new (12 pound) “Luxury Roller Blind”.  None of the those standard roller blinds in their house…it’s going to be the “Luxury” model all the way.  Then, I saw a sign advertising “Luxury” business cards…I assume those automatically bring you a better class of clientele as they will recognize your obvious style by having chosen the “Luxury” model of business cards and flock to your door to buy whatever product you’re selling.

Oh, one more thing…why do the Brits get so much better flavors of potato chips…is it because they call them crisps instead?  How do we arrange for things like “Smokey Bacon” crisps to show up in America?  There’s a huge untapped potential in snack food market…(Cheese & Onions, Prawn Cocktail, Sweet Cumberland Sausage…those are serious flavors my friends.)

Off to the pub for a pint…then Glasto Fest Tomorow…so, updates when I can…



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