Glastonbury at last!

I can’t really describe the thrill I had today when the local bus from Bristol crested a hill near Wells and I got my first glimpse of the Tor.  So much planning, to finally be so close was a huge thrill.

I exited the bus on High Street (a bit early it seems) and walked a long way to my B&B.  The Appletree House…wonderful place and I was made to immediately feel right at home.  Sitting down in my room, I promptly fell asleep for two hours…guess I was tired…

After my rest, I struck out for a laundry and washed a load of clothes. Ate a Cornish Pastry for lunch and did some food shopping of items to haul into the festival with me on Wednesday.  Walked back and dropped my gear and then headed back out for dinner.

Had venison at a pub called the Hawthorne…excellent meal!  And an excellent local ale called St. George and the Dragon.  Took a stop in the park and just generally relaxed.  Off to an early bed to get ready for some sightseeing tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Glastonbury at last!

  1. David

    Jon! You ate venison? Oh deer……..

  2. Soak anything in enough cream and butter and it’ll become the best thing ever to eat…

    Seriously good sauce with all that plus stoneground mustard. The garlic mushrooms starter was darn good too!

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