Catching up

Sunday morning was given over to packing, I’ve got quite a load to haul to Glastonbury tomorrow.

Headed out with no clear plan at lunchtime.  I had a random thought, “maybe Camden Town”…and at the moment thas I thought it, I rounded a corner and looked straight at a buse headed there.  Deciding it as fate, I boarded and crossed North London to Chalk Farm.

I walked the crowded market, but nothing really struck me as worth having (or carrying).  I stopped ta random Chinese place and got a take-away of mushroom chicken and a battered and friend chicken that tasted like chicken nuggets would take like if they actually tasted like some sort of real food.  Stood on a bridge and ate my lunch as the faux punks and tourists streamed around me.

Camden Town Tube stop on a Sunday is a little like “Hotel California”…you can check out but you can never leave.  The station is restricted to arrivals only.

This left me with the choice to retrace my steps or walk towards central London until I found a Tube stop that is open.  I oped for that answer and walked south.  Found an ARGO,but decided I didn’t want ti haul any large camping gear.  Found a 99p store and bought a few small items I stuffed into my pack.

I finally reached Mornington Crescent and rode the tube to Leicester Square where I walked to Fopp, one of the few CD store left in London.  I needed to pick up a copy of the Glastonbury issue of Q Magazine.  I walked through Covent Garden and people watched for a while.  Poked around Marks & Spenser and a cool map store.  Then, back through Leicester Square and on to Picadilly Circus….with a quick stop at Friday’s for some comfort food for dinner.

On an impulse and because I had time, I decided to walk to the Southbank.  Down Haymarket, through Trafalger Square and across the Waterloo Bridge to the Southbank.

There I saw Elvis Costello, a show which I’ll review next.


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