Green Day

The second part of my first ever concert double header (a first, even for me) was Green Day at Wembley Stadium.

After the Richard Thompson show I caught the Tube north of London to the legendary Wembley Stadium.  Because of the timing, I missed Frank Turner (Who I can still catch at Glastonbury) and arrived just in time for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  The last time I’d seen her she was fronting the Runaways…so, it’d been while to say the least.

She did a good career overview and her band was competent.  It was a decent opening set, even a number of Runaway songs…but, it never really caught fire for me.  All the hits, but not much else to recommend it.

After a break, a small pizza and a beer…I settled in for Green Day.

I have to hand it to them, not a lot of bands from later that the 70’s can carry a stadium gig.  And they pulled it off…Pretty much the same set I saw at the Forum about 18 month ago…that night it was a revelation to me and my friend Dave to see how good they were…we were flat out blown away that night.  So, the bar was high for me.  I’d say they didn’t quite reach it, but that’s holding them to a VERY difficult standard.

The songs that stand out in my mind are mostly the ones from “American Idiot”, “Holiday”, Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, “Saint Jimmy” and “Jesus of Suburbia” all packed a real punch.  a lot f the tricks from the Forum were still in place, bringing up a kid to sing, a toilet paper shooter and even a cool medley of songs…last night including: “Shout”, “Baby Face”, “Satisfaction, “Hey Jude” and “Paint it Black”…fun stuff.

Of the two, I think I enjoyed the Thompson show more, but mostly based on the fact I’d never seen him before.  The Green Day show was awesome on any other day, and seeing Wembley was another one-in-a-lifetime moment on a trip that’s packed with them.


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