Shopping in London

The play last night: “Joe Turner’s Come & Gone”

Really well acted and strong performances.  It was in the round and I ended up in the front row.  The difficult part was being so tired.  I had a hard time concentrating and nearly nodded off a couple times.  Afterwards I had dinner with my friend Tere.  Headed back via Tube and fell asleep somewhere near Regents Park…sort of bad because then meant I passed my stop.  Lucky for me the train terminated only one stop past mine.

At 12:30am there were no trains heading back my direction…so, I headed out on foot.  Normally I over prepare, but in this case I didn’t have my map, only a vague idea of which direction to head.

After a half an hour or so without hitting any major streets that I recognized, out of the darkness a cab cruised past and I hailed him.  He actually lived and in the neighborhood and was heading home.  I’d missed he most direct route, but was generally headed in the right direction.  Glad he came by, or I might still be walking…

I slept in today, trying to make up a few of the hours I’d missed in transit.  Heading out just before noon, I went to Oxford Street looking for a phone.  I ate a typical fast “American excuse for lunch” by having a Big Mac on the run.  Found a Carphone Warehouse and a really helpful clerk who got me sorted out with a cheap phone (7 pounds) and a USB stick.  Good guy and we chatted a while about the US.

Made it to the Globe Theatre just in time for my play…Macbeth…

Blood, gore and more blood.  Well acted and much more a living experience than just reading the play on paper.  I was thinking that for it’s time it likely the equivalent  of our summer blockbuster movies.  I enjoyed it very much.

From there I went to Decathlon Sports and finally purchased my tent and trolly to haul them.  I ran into the fellow that I’d e-mailed and we ended up talking for almost an hour. about France (he’s from Burgundy), England, food and politics.  Tomorrow is his last day working there, so I don’t think he was too concerned with working too hard.  While I was there it’d begun to rain, so I headed back to the hotel via the tube.

Once I got here I didn’t feel like striking back out too far…still a little tired.  So, I headed to the hotel bar for fish & chips and Bodington’s.  I was surrounded by a lot of unhappy English as we all watched the final minutes of the poor showing by ther team again Algeria tonight.  Rather quiet in the bar all and all…

So blood, gore…bookended by shopping…ah this modern life in London.


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