Reporting from an internet cafe

I have a nice room at the Marriott.

It has 15£ a day internet access available, but that’s way too much.  So my plan was to buy a mobile internet solution for my laptop.  That plan has not worked too well so far…After dropping my bags earlier at the bell desk and then doing an earlier update on here at the public library, I struck out on Kilburn Road to find a mobile shop.  Turns out there are a couple just up the road from my hotel.  One of them, 3 digital had the Mifi that I planned to buy.

I discussed it with the kid in the shop and decided to buy a dongle instead as he said there will be no connectivity at Glasto…(so, there’s a heads up to you all…don’t expect any updates from the site).  Anyway, he rung up my purchase and I handed him my credit card.  He asked if I had another, as this one didn’t have “chip & pin”…(now, I knew that all of Europe now uses cards with chips imbedded, but they aren’t available to us in the states…at all.)  I told him I had four cards, but none had a chip.

No sale.

They won’t accept a US credit card….(seriously?  Because I could go on line and order it and they’d take the card?)

Nothing he could do…

So, off to T-Mobile and the same story…no chip & pin means no sale…no other options.


Jet lagged and discouranged I set out to find some lunch..popped into a pub that didn’t look too inviting…passed on a dodgy fish & chips shop…got all the way to my hotel without finding a cell store that would do business with me or someplace to eat.  At least my room was ready.

Really feeling the jet lag, I settled for a 20£ pizza and drink and then slept for a few hours.

I did get a note from a friend here in town that she was going to see “Joe Turner’s Come And Gone” at the Young Vic tonight, so I decided to join in on a cheap 1/2 price booth ticket.

I hoped that Waterloo Station on my way here would have a mobile shop, but alas no…

So, here I sit, killing an hour at an internet cafe and keeping you all up to date.

I’ll hit it fresh tomorrow and hopefully get the internet sorted out along with my camping gear which I ignored today after the issues with buying mobile stuff.

Oh, knowning that it was pretty warm here, I packed 4 pair of shorts and only 2 pair of pants….Good plan, except that in all my travels today I’ve seen one skinny kid in shorts the entire day…So, I’m realizing that until I get to Glasto I have a limited wardrobe that won’t SCREAM tourist…

As the Brits say…



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