Arrived in London slightly late due to it taking forever to board in Toronto. Sat by a lady with an extremely hard to control 2 year old named Vincent. Cute kid, but not really cut out for travel at that age. He pretty much assured that I got zero sleep.

Well, not zero…maybe half an hour total during the whole 7 hours in the air.

Passport and customs were a breeze, but the first ATM refused to give me cash. The second one spit out 50 pounds, but this could be an issue. After a long walk to the Tube station I wasn’t able to use any of my credit cards go add funds to my Oyster card. But it was sorted at the window after standing in line.

Now I’ve had a wailing baby in the Tube car…literally wailing without taking a breath.

Often these things might annoy me…but I’m on vacation, so the noise just fades away and I’m happy.

More after I get checked in.


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