Tojurs les Canadians

Not exactly trip related, but I watched a really good movie on the plane called “Tojurs Les Canadians”. It spoke pretty directly to how important hockey is to Canadians and overlaid it with a few interlocking threads of fictional stories.

It was a good way to pass a couple hours.

I have sort of a weird relationship with hockey myself. I didn’t grow up playing or understanding it at all. And I only started going to Ducks games on a whim with my friends about a decade ago.

While I waited 42 years to see the Angels in the World Series…I got to see the Ducks in the cup final the first year we had season seats, then I got to see them win the cup in 2007. I don’t think I’ve really understood how special that was until now, a few years later when I have begun to really recognize how difficult a task it is to accomplish

I even went to the hockey hall of fame back in 2003 before I really understood most of what I was seeing. A slight connection to the trip there, since I have 5 hours to kill in Toronto.

It seems that hockey is an sport where I’ve been amazingly lucky as a fan to see some things that other people wait a whole lifetime to experience.

Which I guess in a way does relate to this trip. How many people get to have the freedom to do something big like this they’ve always wanted to do?

So now this whole thing is underway and off to a smooth start. Hopefully that luck will continue over the next three weeks.


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