Who can work?

I guess me…at least some of today.

Trying to wrap up stuff and flying through last minute calls and stuff at the office.  Yet, I keep sneaking peeks at the Glastonbury websites in spare moments.

The weather reports for Glasto so far are pretty darn funny…and about as accurate as can be expected just over a week away.

It seems it will either be scorching hot (for England that seems to be what I’d consider mild)…or raining in biblical amounts…or something in the middle.  Well, glad to know that’s all settled then.

Glad that I’ve packed flipflops AND a full rainsuit to wear….

….humm, that could end up being a good look for me.

One site suggested  that a plague of flying serpents could be part of the forecast, but I’m discounting that view as alarmist…locust or frogs maybe, but flying serpents seems a stretch.  However, it is England…so, who knows really?…

Okay, break over…back to work for 4 hours and 44 minutes…(not like I’m counting or anything…)


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