The final countdown

Spent the day trying to wrap up a couple projects at work before I leave town.  Feeling the stress.

I’ve never taken a three week vacation in my adult life.  Off sick a couple times that long, out of work once in the 80’s for a few months.  But, never a vacation.  It feel really odd to have to walk away from a few large bids that are hanging out there and undecided.  I think I’m going to have ask someone in the office to send me an e-mail or something when they have news….or, maybe I’ll be able to put it all out of my mind after a couple days?  We’ll see.

Bought my Green Day tickets for Wembley…so, I’ll be seeing them on Saturday along with Joan Jett and Frank Turner.  First concert doubleheader I can recall doing.  Seeing Richard Thompson in the afternoon, then rushing to Wembley for Green Day…should be a blast.

Heck, the stress of rushing from show to show may be a challenge…but, it’s once in a lifetime, so I’m trying to fit it all in!

Now I’ll see Wembley, the O2, Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Queens Hall and the two Festivals…Hop Farm and Glastonbury…!!!

Wow, a laundry list of all the famous venues in London in one trip…just over a day until take off!



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2 responses to “The final countdown

  1. David

    Wow Jon!

    So sorry we couldn’t hook up before you left – with all the fun you’re having, we’ll need to set aside a couple DAYS when you get back! Blog away my friend, be safe and most of all enjoy the experience – once in a lifetime and you get to do it you lucky kid…… 😉


  2. Thanks David!
    See you in a few weeks my friend.

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