Too much weight to haul?

I finally packed my pack today…wow, 45 pounds is a lot.

And, it’s darn full…plus, I’m really still short a couple items that I’d like to add in.  So, now my dilemma is…do I check a 2nd bag?  It’ll cost me extra and be harder to lug around.  Or, do I repack, eliminate a couple items and try to travel a little lighter?  I need to go back upstairs and lay it all out on the bed and see what I can eliminate.

Regardless of what I do, I’m still going to have to buy some stuff in London.  So, I have to keep all that in mind too.

A couple of nice things already today though.

My ticket has arrived and been signed for at my B&B.  So, no more worries about that, and no standing in line at the festival to sort it out!  Woot!

My pack was repaired today for free.  Aero Luggage in Santa Ana is anyone ever needs a good repair place!  They got the part last week on special order and had it waiting today.  I figured it would cost something, but they called it a warranty repair.  So, that was very nice.

I also went to my bank and deposit a ton of rolled coins.  I expected them to complain but the teller was awesome, so compliments to Chase Bank…that was much better than WAMU ever did for me.

Clock is ticking….just a couple days til I leave.


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