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So, my last couple posts have been rather curmudgeonly…I sound a little like the old guy on the corner ranting at the kids to “get off his lawn”.

Really, this trip is more about fun.  It’s just that the quirky things that happen are a lot more fun to write about then when things go smoothly.

So, hopefully I’ll find the right balance…:)

I find it somewhat overwhelming to realize that in less than a week I’ll be in the UK!  I’ve been thinking and planning for so long, it’s almost like I’ve lived a few parts of this trip in my head quite a few times.  Yet, I know that it will likely be nothing like the actual experience when I get there.  I think that’s why we travel and experience new places and things.  Looking back, the parts that I couldn’t always anticipate ended up being some of the best ones.  That’s why except for the concerts and going to Glastonbury…I’ve made no other specific plans.

Shocking to many of you that I know…usually I’d have a spreadsheet in hand at this point and a rough itinerary on one of the tabs.

Trying to challenge myself a bit more this time…so, I’ve done none of that.  I will fill my days with whatever whim I settle upon.  No museums or galleries to see.  No historic spots to stand upon…(Honestly, I’ve done most of it in London that was really vital to me on past trips.)  So, the watchword is fun.  Maybe I’ll pass an afternoon in a pub?  Rent a bike?  Not really sure.  If anyone has any suggestions in London I may have missed, feel free to put them in the comments.

In case any of you are interested in the Glastonbury part of the trip, here’s a link to the actual site:

They announced the stage times for 34 smaller stages today (34?  wow, that’s a lot of music!)

Some really brilliant names buried in there…here’s a few of my favorites…(Just the names…no idea if I’ll actually see any of them play, but great names nonetheless: The Strumpettes, Undercover Hippy Band, Wap Wap Wow, 10 Ton Tongue, Balkan Alien Sound, Dangerous Dinky, Leonardo’s Bicycle, 3 Daft Monkeys, Punks Not Dad, Napoleon In Rags, Pulled Apart by Horses, The Soap Dodgers…and those are just a few of the weirder ones that jumped out at me.  Serious sensory overload it would seem…



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