Remember the Soup Nazi?

…He apparently sells camping gear in the UK now…

So, I’ve had a very interesting exchange of e-mails the past couple days with a camping retailer in the UK.

I mentioned a couple days ago that I’d pre-purchased a few of my items to pick up at the festival site and what a great idea that was…

Well, I used two retailers because of price and quality differences on the items I wanted.  The first company, hereafter known as the “Good” company was (apparently) quite happy to have my business.  They are called “Joe Bananas”…(odd name, but whatever).  I ordered a sleeping bag and water carrier from them and easily paid via PayPal and received a confirmation e-mail that I can use on site instantly.

Easy, (assuming they have the stuff when I arrive) and a transaction that I walked away from satisfied.

Company number two, hereafter known as the “Bad” company didn’t go so smoothly…(They are called Millets)  On their site I tried to checkout to purchase my chair and airbed for site pick up.  When I tried to make an account it told me that my zip code was “wrong”.  So after multiple tries, I plugged in a UK zip code and boom…I had an account.  Cool.  I input all my data and my credit card, but once again the zip code could not be accepted.  So, I placed it on the address line and finished the transaction (yeah, I know…maybe I shouldn’t have used an UK zip.  But, the correct zip was there and they didn’t have to ship anything to me…I was coming to them to pick it up.)

Then, I got my confirmation e-mail and the first mention in it that I’d need to present the voucher that they would mail me prior to the festival….huh?  It’s an electronic transaction, just send me an e-mail to print and we’re good.

So, I sent a note to them and explained that I had an overseas address and was concerned about the voucher reaching me.  So, could I just present the actual credit card, my passport and the e-mail to get my items?  I received a terse note that my transaction would be cancelled and I was welcome to buy the items when I reached England.  Okay, maybe they just misunderstood…so, I wrote again.  I received a slightly longer but equally terse note from another person saying that my transaction would NOT be processed and I was welcome to shop with them upon my arrival.  With excellent timing….this note was followed less than an hour later by confirmation that my charge had been processed and I could pick up my items on site?


I wrote back and copied the confirmation e-mail, asking once again if this e-mail note along with all my other correct identification would be okay?  I guess  not…Less than a half an hour later I received the somewhat stern note reproduced below:

This order has been settled but will not go anywhere. We will have this refunded in full today.
I am sorry you were unable to purchase from our company this year.

A few hours later an e-mail arrived from my credit card company that the charge had been credited back.  (So, at least they did that properly…)

But, wow…I don’t think I’ve ever been made to feel so completely unwelcome by any company to do business with them in such a short amount of time.

It usually takes folks much longer to decide they don’t ever want my business…

So, Joe Bananas has a new and even more loyal customer and they will now provide my chair and airbed…which will be added to my order tonight.  And somehow I suspect that Millets and I will never have much of a business relationship from here on out.



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3 responses to “Remember the Soup Nazi?

  1. David

    Joe Bananas new advert headline:

    “You think our name’s crazy? You should see the way our competition does business!”


  2. David…you belong in marketing!
    Oh, wait….you are already….:)

  3. That’s an amazing post. Thanks a lot

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