Just some random thoughts

So I’m a week out from leaving. My mind keeps swinging from elation to terror. I keep wondering what detail I’ve forgotten and in what way it will trip me up in the coming weeks. (Thats the “terror” part)

The rest of the time is elation and excitement. I’m just a week away from a bucket list trip that will truly be once in a lifetime.

(Back to terror…one shot at this so it has to be perfect.)

But then even if it isn’t perfect it will be memorable. I once told Dan after he told me a great story about his cab ride and hotel when he got back home from his first trip to New York…”You survived it and you got a great story to tell everyone as well…”

So, I’m trying to stay focused on all the positives and remind myself that I’m old enough to have a credit card to deal with the bad stuff…should there even be any “bad stuff”. It’s not exactly climbing Mt. Everest…it’s a field (with vendors) in England…

One more random thought, this one about John Wooden who just passed away at 99. He was my age already when I was born…and I now look in awe at what he accomplished just in my lifetime. (since 1960)

It’s inspirational to see how much he did once he was already past the age of 50. Quite a good role model for us as we all grow older, I think.

Why limit ourselves?


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