Testing a mobile post

Working on sorting out my gear and technology today. I’ve figured out how to make my iPhone work in only WiFi mode.

Next step is to try a post from it. If it works it will mean that I’ll be able to do at least a few updates when I’m on site at the festival.

I’m going to buy this cool little WiFi hotspot device called a “MiFi” that they have. I’m hopeful the whole thing will end up working.

Lots of research in this age of new technology!



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2 responses to “Testing a mobile post

  1. Laurie Stuckey

    That’s awesome news Jon! Roving reporter. I’m totally looking forward to your adventure. Your wife is awesome too. She’s probably like me – looking forward to hearing your tales of adventure. It sounds like quite an undertaking. We have REI up here too and they are the best for equipment, at least the best we have in the PNW. My burning question is… will there be all the mad drugs for sale, for free or for trade like there were back in the day. My guess is not, but with a festival that large, I have to question. Most of the groups you’ve mentioned I’ve never heard or hardly heard of, but that’s because I got fell down somewhere in the 80s and couldn’t ever get up… so to speak! Thank you for “gearing up your blog fans too.

  2. Thanks Laurie!

    I really appreciate the feedback and comments.

    I went upstairs this afternoon and packed about 50% of what I’m going to need. It’s gonna be a tight fit to get it all into one bag!

    I actually worked for REI for about 5 years in the 80’s. I was at the Orange store during that time. good company and excellent gear, I agree.

    Julie is terrific, she really has encouraged me at every turn to do this. And like you say, she is always interested in my tales when I get home after she sends me off on my adventures. She’s one in a million and the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

    There was actually a whole thread on the Glastonbury web-board today asking about how “herb-friendly” the festival was…apparently it was VERY in the past. The general answer seems to be that once you’re inside unless you’re dealing to other folks, the cops tend to be pretty tolerant. Not really sure, but I assume they are less friendly about the harder stuff. It will be interesting to see how open people are about it.

    I think my biggest vice will be a bit of drinking. No place to drive to or worry about getting home from…and something called “festival strength” cider that is supposed to be quite good…:) They produce a lot of local ciders in that area along with Real Ale craft brews.

    I got an e-mail discount for a Cuban bar that will be there just today that promises real Havana cigars and Mojitos at a discount…I suspect that a stop by there at some point will be in order… In some ways I’m envisioning an Jimmy Buffet concert that lasts a full week…

    As far as the groups playing, I’m really impressed by quite a few bands that I’ve listened to already. I thought I had stayed pretty hip, but a bunch of these bands I would have never tried except for them being listed as being at the festival.

    Like Midlake, (one that I posted the other day) is just awesome stuff. I’m really excited to see some of these bands in person and see how they are up on stage.

    Keep up the comments!

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