Shopping for gear

Today was devoted mostly to trying not to get sick.  But, I did spend a little time out shopping for last minute additions to my gear for the festival.  Went to REI and bought some extra socks, and then Walmart for some toiletries.

But, the big shopping was done tonight online.

They have a pretty cool system in the UK where you can pre-order gear from a couple merchants and then pick the actual items up when you get to Glastonbury (or other festivals).  How cool is that?  No dragging extra stuff on trains and buses.  They really do have quite a system set up for this stuff.

So, I bought my furniture from Millets…an airbed and a folding chair.  I also bought some Wellies which I hope actually fit me once I get there.  Everyone seems to use them for the worst of the mud days, so I figured I’d better be prepared.

Then, from a place called Joe Bananas, I bought my sleeping bag and a water carrier.

There’s a place in London that I want get my tent from, so I will have to haul that along, but it’s a lot less than adding in those other items.  So, my accommodations and basic creature comforts for while I’m in that Somerset field (in less than three weeks) are nearly sorted out!


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