Feeling lucky

So, I went tonight to buy the new U2 DVD, since I was at the show I really wanted to get it.  It’s kind of a sad that I should have been seeing them three times this month…twice in Anaheim and then at Glastonbury.  I guess none of us can help getting older and that whole plan went out the window with Bono’s back surgery last month….(they kept saying his age like it’s “old” or something….)

But the DVD is very cool, I can even occasionally generally see where we were sitting…horrible seats really, but what a spectacle!

As I was watching it and a few things crossed my mind…

First off…this is just such a cool tour.  I thought while I was there back in October how much I respected and envied the crew on that show.  It’s pretty much the biggest tour ever and the logistics and thinking behind it are just staggering.  If I could have ever done music touring instead of corporate AV, this would have been exactly the sort of thing that I’d have wanted to be doing.  The biggest and the best.  It’s sheer bravado and scope are beyond any show I can think of…and they back it up with great music.  (Although, I still think that the Peter Gabriel – Growing Up tour has a slight edge for overall artistic merit.)

But then, my mind wandered other (more reflective) directions….  I remembered that I gave a copy of a photo that I took of Bono on the Vertigo tour to my friend Don a couple years back because he complimented it and said it was cool.  We lost Don almost exactly a year ago and I really miss being able to share this trip with him.  We used to meet him and his partner Ron for dinner at a restaurant next to the Best Buy where I bought the DVD.  I guess that may have been what set me off thinking about him as I watched the show.

From there I started thinking how we carry around a little piece of all the people we’ve loved and how we hold a special spot for those we’ve lost.  I could write a whole list of the friends and family that are never far from me and I think somehow a little bit of all of them will be with me as I wander around the UK.  And, I like to think they would be thrilled to know I’m actually getting to do something so cool.  I just wish that I could sit down with each of them when I return just to talk and laugh once more and tell stories to each other.

So then (you might ask) where does the actual lucky part come into this post?

Everything I’ve written so far on this blog is all about me…and nothing yet about how lucky I am to have so much love and support to make this trip happen.  I have the most wonderful wife who has allowed this whole trip to be possible for me.  It takes a very special person to support someone heading off their own odd and quixotic journey (apparently mine is to stupidly act like I’m college age once again…camping in the mud, staying up all night, dancing, maybe even drinking a bit?)

She could have easily stopped this in it’s tracks many times over the last year, but she hasn’t complained about a single thing (including the costs).  She’s been there at each turn for me to rattle on to (endlessly) about the latest band who added to the lineup or sit through the smallest tidbit of news about which tent I might buy.

No one could have supported me any more than she has…and knowing that makes me realize that I’m just the luckiest guy around.

To have headed off in a few days without at least saying a small public thank you to her for making this possible would be a huge oversight.  Because it just couldn’t have happened without her love and blessings.

Thank you Julie, I love you.


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  1. julie

    Aw, I’m just catching up now on your blog and saw this post — thank you! I love you too, and I know you are going to have a great time on this trip.

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