Nice walk, but still feeling unprepared tonight

I went for another long walk tonight trying to prepare myself for all the walking at Glastonbury.

I’m in much better shape than I was a few months ago, but I fear I will still fall short of my goals for the trip.  But, I have two more weeks to keep up the pace and try to prep myself.

One great bit of news today was that my ticket has been mailed!  I’m picking it up in the UK to avoid the risk of overseas mail.  But, now I know for certain that it’s on the way to my B&B and will be waiting for me when I check in on the 21st.

Feeling a little intimidated by all the details, but in a sort of good way.  This trip is about trying something new and traveling differently than I have in the past.  That’s definitely going to be the case.  Now, I just need Julie to help me pack so that I can travel as light as I need to…she’s great at it…and I’m horrible.  Pick up my bag on most trips that I take and you’d think I’d packed my anvil collection.  That sort of thing just won’t do on this trip…so, that’s one of my next challenges to work through.

Two weeks from tomorrow until departure!


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