The Trip is Fast Approaching

So, it’s Memorial Day already.  It’s crazy how fast the trip is approaching right now.

I spent a couple hours yesterday sorting through my gear and trying to figure out exactly what to pack.  Once I’ve figured out what I need from here I will have to make a shopping list for London.  The logistics of this thing have become very consuming!  So many decisions large and small…do I take food and cooking gear or do I just plan to buy all my meals?  How much weight can I really haul?  Do I buy a trolley?  (Most anything I buy will have to be given away before I fly home.)

Do I leave my laptop at my B&B to pick up later or do I take it to the field to try and connect and blog from there?  (They have free lockups to secure things safely and not leave them in your tent).  My gut says I won’t take the laptop and will just take notes to report back here after the show ends.  But, I’ll do more research when I get there on that topic.

But, multiply each of these decisions by the time and energy to work through them and you can see why it’s a little overwhelming!

Here’s the list off the website of what they suggest you bring…there’s also an even longer list on the eFestival board I’ve been reading:

What to bring

Tent (lines/poles/groundsheet/pegs) Sleeping mat/sleeping bag/duvet/pillow

Spectacles/contacts and solution

Ear plugs/cotton wool


Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, tampons, shaving items, biodegradable wet wipes, toilet rolls)

Sun cream/oil

Radio (WorthyFM 87.7 Fm)

Torch/batteries/bulbs (spares)

Mobile phone


Mark valuables with house number & postcode

Medications (prescriptions/inhalers/chemist sundries)

Medical info (allergies etc)

Next of kin notification

Personal I.D./travel ticket(s)

Festival Ticket!

Driving licence (ideally with up to date address, so it – and anything with it – can be posted back to you if lost)




Boots/sturdy shoes/wellingtons

Waterproof coat/overtrousers



Clean clothes to go home in

Bags (for dirty clothing and footwear)

And if you forget to bring any essential kit, don’t worry, there are several camping accessory stalls that sell everything from tents to sleeping bags, blankets to batteries, plastic undersheets to torches.

I’m taking the last part to heart and trying to just realize that I need to just go and have fun and let things work themselves out.  That actually was sort of the point of this trip, to travel differently than I usually do.  (I usually spend a lot of time planning and researching).  I’ve already done more prep than I planned for this trip, but it seems necessary to a point…once I hit that field, I need to make sure that I can sleep and eat somewhat comfortably for almost a week.  So, a little planning for it is not really unreasonable.

The unplanned part of the trip is the rest of the time around the Glastonbury part.  I still have no idea what I’ll do in London (aside from the concerts I have tickets to see.)  I know London pretty well and have no doubt that I’ll find a lot to grab my attention…I’m just sort of avoiding over scheduling that part of the time.

Just over two weeks to go!


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