So, the big surprise last Friday was word that Bono had emergency back surgery.  The first show of the US leg of the tour has been postponed and that puts the next few at risk as well.  Which could mess with my plans in a big way.  I had purchased tickets to see U2 here in Anaheim even before I planned this whole Glastonbury trip.  If they reschedule them while I’m gone it could be a real pain to sort out.

If the recovery period takes longer…

Well then U2 playing Glastonbury may not happen.  This has lead to rampant speculation of who might replace them.  Some of these that I’ve read are quite “creative” to say the least.  Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, The Smiths and Radiohead have all been suggested by multiple folks on the post board I’ve been reading.  (That none of them are actually together at the moment seems not to matter much.)

The Rolling Stones (who turned the festival down already), Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Prince, Depeche Mode, AC/DC, Jay-Z (who are all in Europe around then) have been tossed out as possible replacements.  While the last few (aside from the Stones) are technically possible, most seem unlikely for a variety of reasons…mostly scheduling or financial.

Then there’s the list of artists that would seem a lesser stature….Biffy Clyro…The Doves…Meatloaf????     Seriously?…

Lastly, there are the two most likely scenarios.  Dizzy Rascal get’s bumped to headliner…a stretch, but it could happen, meaning that I know if it does I certainly won’t be seeing the Pyramid headliner that night.

Or, Coldplay…which, I suppose would be the better of those two choices.  I’ve  seen them a few times and they put on a decent show….but, if they do fill in I suspect it’ll be VERY crowded to see the Flaming Lips over on the other big stage.

An interesting twist to my plans…I’m quite curious to see how this all plays out.


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