Sunday “must see” list

Time to round out the last day of music at Glastonbury and look for a general sense of who I really want to make my must see bands for the day.

The Pyramid opener is quite interesting…the Yeovil Town Band.  As in a brass band?  Of course there is a family connection to Yeovil as it’s the large town close by to East Coker where my ancestors departed from to head off to the New World.  So, seeing a brass band at a rock frstival seems a quite eclectic thing to do…  (Or, I may sleep in…as nothing really compelling is listed at that time).

In fact, the next round of bands doesn’t seem to be anyone I have a burning desire to rush and see.  Paloma Faith, the Bees, Frightened Rabbit…humm so far nothing on the must see list yet.

Next round of bands Norah Jones…maybe?  The Hold Steady….maybe?  Fisherman’s Friend….(sea chanty’s?)…maybe?  Heard some raves about Tuung, but not heard them to know if I’d like.  So far Sunday is wide open for wandering and hopefully finding something interesting in the first few hours of music.

Then comes Slash…also a maybe, I saw Slashes Snakepit once in San Diego and have seen him guest in with Queen and Black Eyed Peas….there’s two bands you don’t find in the same sentence very often….  He has talent, but I don’t know if it’s enough to draw me to the Pyramid if I’ve found something else cool on my wandering.  So, just one more maybe for the day.

Of course after a big chunk of day with nothing compelling…I’m stuck with four overlapping bands I’d like to see.  Dr. John (I’ve seen him before, but he’s darn cool), Corinne Bailey Rae…saw her do a couple songs at a Stevie Wonder House of Toys show a few years back.  Very talented.  Plus her new album is quite good.  So, a strong pull for me to see her on a small stage.

She’s up against Ray Davies of the Kinks…saw him in 1979 and never since.  But, he will be at Hop Farm next weekend, so I can catch him there if I miss him for Corinne and Staff Banda Bilili…who are amazing.  A group of paraplegic musicians from the Congo who live in a zoo…seriously, in a zoo?…  Check them out on YouTube doing a song called Je T’Aime

When else can I ever see them live?  I think they may be my first must see of Sunday!

Now the clashes get more frequent and tougher to pick from.

Jack Johnson (seeing him in London the following week at least), MGMT, the Gang of Four or JUDY COLLINS?  There’s some diverse (okay just pain weird choices to pick between at the same time…)

Then, LCD Soundsystem, Toots and the Maytals or Imelda May?

Then the final clash of the weekend…

Stevie Wonder, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Jackson Browne, Ash, Orbital or Gomez?  Rodrigo y Gabriela are cool, but young and will be around to see again.  Jackson..seeing two days later in London (and maybe on Sat too?)…Ash, Gomez and Orbital…all have possibilities, but how can you pass on a living legend like Stevie Wonder singing to 80K or so people in a huge field…”Superstition”, “Sir Duke”, etc…

I wavered at first, but I think I have to cap off the festival seeing Stevie…put him in the “must see” category….

There’s some DJ’s playing for hours on a couple smaller stages after Stevie ends.  But I think the end of his set sometime after midnight will end my festival in a spectacular fashion.


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