Some photos of last year’s festival

Since I’m pretty sure that a number of my friends have no idea exactly what the heck Glastonbury is…

Here’s a link to a site with some cool photos of last year.

And here’s a view of one small patch of the camping areas…

Looks like a “Where’s Waldo” picture….

Here’s the whole site from the air:

Now, imagine me in the middle of that in less than a month….whew!



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2 responses to “Some photos of last year’s festival

  1. Laurie Stuckey

    Jon this is unbelieveable. It puts Woodstock, US Festival and all others… well, to shame – in terms of crowd proportions. Plz. tell me there are shuttle buses, rickshaws, segeways… something besides the ankle express. Hope you have a nice fitting pair of shoes or two. Thanks for sharing the photos – really puts things into perspective! Very exciting. Did you say you will be blogging from the venue via your Blackberry?

  2. Linda Cappelletti

    Looks like Burning Man only greener. Amazing!

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