Clashfinders and my Friday “Must See” List

…this is not about the band Joe Strummer used to be in….

Something new I’ve discovered as I’ve researched my upcoming Glastonbury trip is a “Clashfinder”.  Basically someone takes all the bands that are listed as playing and makes a huge grid so you can feel even worse about all the people that you won’t have time to see in a day.

This one is a pretty awesome site:

Anyway, I started filling on out tonight to try and make some sense out of who are my “must sees”, “maybe sees” and my “avoid at all costs”…(see: Snoop Dog for one example of the latter…)

Anyway, I’m told that you do  ton of planning and then likely end up throwing the list away and listening to some random band from that catches your ear (after multiple drinks, I’m told many of the bands increase suddenly their appeal immensely, as does the appeal of not walking far).

But, the list is nice to refer back to when you want to verify exactly who you missed that day.

So, on Friday my list starts off with a TBA…But, it’s the opening of the biggest stage on the 40th anniversary…so, it has to be good…(one rumor is Coldplay…and another is Rolf Harris, so God only knows who or what may show up?)  After that there is a wide open space of time that will allow me to wander and get my bearings…maybe to “West Holts Stage” for Mariachi El Bronx?  (Mariachi music by a punk band?…cool

Around 3:30 I guess I’ll have to head over and hear Wille Nelson, just one of those odd chances to hear a legend that I’m unlikely to go see a full concert from here at home.  But, as mentioned before I am duty bound to flee that stage before Mr. Dogg “performs”.  Leaving me to maybe head over and see the end of Phoenix and then LaRoux.  I could split early and try for Vampire Weekend or Breakestra, but if it’s good may just stay right on through Florence and the Machine.

Then comes my only really “must see” so far….Hot Chip…discovered these guys because of the festival and really liking their new CD that I bought.  If they don’t sound good live, I can always pop away and try to catch Mumford and Sons…(but, since I can see them at Hop Farm it’s not vital on this day.)

They finish and leave me with my one last clash of the day.  U2 or Flaming Lips?

Everyone says I should like the Flaming Lips, everyone says they are amazing live, the cover they did of Dark Side of the Moon is cool.  But, I just can’t seem to warm to them as much as I’d like to try.

U2 on the other hand I will have just seen twice in Anaheim before I leave on the trip, and I’ve seen them four times.  Do I go for “art” and see the Lips?  Or, do I go for one of my all time favorites who may do an epic one off set on the first festival they have played since the early 80’s?

Or, do I wander off and hear “The Bootleg Beatles” or Fatboy Slim?

It may be a decision made on the spot, and  coin flip may be involved….



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2 responses to “Clashfinders and my Friday “Must See” List

  1. Laurie Stuckey


    Loving your Glastonbury Blog. I got anxiety reading about the clashlist.
    I kick myself to this day for passing up bragging rights by not visiting the tech booths at US Festival, which meant meeting Steve Wozniak and playing around on prototype Apples. You have a good argument for Flaming Lipps vs. U2.

  2. Yeah, I missed both years of the US Festival. Mostly related to work schedules (but also a tiny bit to my ex, who didn’t want to go).

    Never saw the Clash as a result of that decision.

    Most of the other bands that were there I was able to see other times in some form or another.

    Sometimes when you’re young you don’t recognize that there are somethings that really are “once in a lifetime” opportunities. I guess that’s part of the reason I go to so many concerts.

    When I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1977 no one in that whole stadium had any idea it would be the last time they’d be here before their plane crash a couple months later. That event made a big impression on me at 17.

    Thanks for dropping by and reading.

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