Working out and getting ready

It seems like I’ve spent almost every night reading about (and planning for) the trip.  But, I realize that to really have a good time, I’m going to need some endurance.  So, I can’t sit at the desk and get ready for the festival.  With that in mind I’ve been able to work out in some fashion every night this week to try and whip myself in better shape.

Monday night was a 1.5 mile walk with a 20 pound pack.  30 minutes…or 3mph… (Oh, also I was in my new boots, which I am still breaking in.)

Tuesday and Thursday nights…the gym, 1.5 miles on the elliptical trainer.  And a few minutes to watch some London videos on my iPhone.

Wednesday night was 90 minutes of mall walking.

Hopefully, it will have some effect and help me handle the many miles of walking ahead at Glastonbury!


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