Peter Gabriel

Tomorrow night is a very special local show (well, semi-local at the Hollywood Bowl anyway).

I’m sort of curious what’s in store.  I love PG and have seen him three times going back to 1978 when I saw him on tour for his second album at Crawford Hall in Irvine.  (An amazing show, which I will write about another time.)

But the new CD is challenging to say the least.  No drums, no guitars…just a 54 piece orchestra.

I’ve listened to it (Scratch My Back) a number of times and some of the cuts have great potential to work live.  Others, I’m just not sure of?  But, I guess that’s the cool thing about someone like him.  He would never just head out on the road and crank out the hits.  Every show contains a huge amount of thinking behind it.  The Growing Up live tour was masterful in it’s technical complexity and it’s artistic execution.  The only guy I can think of who reinvents himself over and over the same way is Joe Jackson (a different type of music mostly), but the same commitment to trying new things and expanding the boundaries of their music, past and present.

I’m very curious about the show…will it work?  Or, will it fall flat before an LA audience full of “hipsters” who only came to hear “Sledgehammer” and “Red Rain”?

He;s never let me down before, so I have high hopes of a terrific night.


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